Retail Fixtures and Store Displays

We will take care of your fixtures like they are our fixtures. We know a lot of time and effort is involved in acquiring your client, designing the fixtures, fabricating them and delivering them to your clients’ place of business.

Often, installing fixtures means having the skillset to implement other moving parts such as electrical wiring that must fit under displays, adding trim pieces to conceal wiring, understanding technology features such as installing simple LEDs, cell phone and tablet displays to TV monitors that display a brand’s media content.

Our skilled team brings the necessary technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to installing your fixtures.

PMI also has the ability to accept deliveries of smaller fixture drops prior to project installation date at our warehouse.

Fixture projects completed by the PMI team include:

  • Site survey
  • Assembling knockdown fixtures
  • Fixture drops
  • Freestanding fixtures
  • Assembly and installation of large complex display fixtures